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CG/LA Advisory Board

CG/LA is dedicated to ensuring that the Leadership Forum Platform is focused on bringing innovative thinkers together to brainstorm and dive deeply into ways to improve a nation or region's competitiveness in infrastructure.

CG/LA's Advisory Board brings together a core group of individuals who are instrumental in selecting infrastructure projects to be presented at the Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum, identifying key workshops to be included in Forum programs, and in voting for the Infrastructure Project of the Year nominees and the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Members of the CG/LA Infrastructure Advisory Board include:

Patrick Abi Habib
Vice President
Arab Banking Corporation

Dr. Michael Barzelay
Professor, Public Management
London School of Economics

Ariovaldo Carmignani
Director, ACPE - Projetos e Empreendimentos Ltda.
Former President, Sabesp

Antonio López Corral
Former Director General of Spain's FOMENTO
Current President & CEO, SPINEQ

Michel Jichlinski
Former President
Louis Berger Group, Inc  

John Mizroch
Former DOE Senior Policy Adviser
US Dept of Energy

Yukiko Omura
Former Executive Vice President
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
World Bank Group

Everett Santos
Former CEO, Latin America Group
EMP Global LLC

Harry A. Shannon
Ernst & Young LLP New York, Munich

Carlos Roberto Silvestrin
President, CogenSP
President, GT Bioelectricidade
Brazilian National Committee for Agroenergy

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