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Blueprint 2025

Blueprint 2025

Recently released: industry x-ray from infrastructure stakeholders

While much has been written and discussed about the infrastructure investment gap in the United States, CG/LA Infrastructure has released the results of a national survey pointing to a substantive solution. Industry X-Ray from Infrastructure Stakeholders is the result of polling infrastructure professionals around the country as part of CG/LA's Blueprint 2025 initiative to deliver a national infrastructure plan to the next U.S. Presidential Administration. Download your free report here.

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Bringing us all together

A Need for Strategic Infrastructure Renewal 

It is widely understood that the U.S. needs to re-invest in all main sectors of infrastructure,1 raising the investment level from the current range of 1.3% of GDP to a healthy and sustainable 3% or more. At a time of historically low interest rates, when our comparative energy advantage over our competitors is increasing rapidly, and with an economy that is a port in a storm in the unpredictable world environment, the foundation exists for a dramatic strengthening of our country's infrastructure profile. It is a unique opportunity to shift resources toward infrastructure and thus toward growth, productivity and capacity building for the future generation.

Having a clear vision is absolutely fundamental. The U.S., with a public infrastructure stock greater than $7 trillion, is in a unique position to create a public-private model of extraordinary vigor across the range of both brownfield assets and deeply needed greenfield opportunities. If we can successfully create this model, then 1-2% will be added to U.S. GDP each year going forward; opportunity creation, along with the narrower metric of job creation, would be further increased through exports of infrastructure investment, goods and services.

Creating a New Infrastructure Model for a New Administration

The U.S. must urgently create a new infrastructure investment model - one that is robust, visionary and capable of rapidly repositioning the nation at the forefront of global infrastructure-driven growth. Toward that end, CG/LA is assembling a 50-state coalition of highly motivated CEOs to drive – over the next 18 months – the development of a blueprint for U.S. infrastructure renewal that will be provided to the next Presidential administration. Key members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives have requested that CG/LA create this group to craft and support bold, action-oriented new thinking in infrastructure - an exercise not in lobbying, but in thought leadership.

Blueprint 2025: Connecting Ideas to Action

Blueprint 2025 is a broad-based effort drawing critical ideas from diverse stakeholders across the infrastructure community, from designers to operators and from builders to users. The initiative builds on the Making the Grade report, a six-point plan for regaining public infrastructure leadership in the United States,2 and the focus will be on growth and opportunity creation - in full recognition of the deeply embedded complexity of the infrastructure problem, across the range of issues from private finance to public capacity creation, and from priority project selection to business model development.

The overall objective is to define key infrastructure-related issues for the 2016 elections, creating a series of actionable bipartisan initiatives that will drive change in infrastructure policy and execution in the new administration, and the end result of Blueprint 2025 will be a strategic infrastructure roadmap for the next government, whether Republican or Democrat, focused on ensuring that infrastructure is, and remains, a top three issue for the next administration.

To learn more about the initiative and to join Blueprint 2025, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

B2025-Action Streams-04.16

Figure 1: The Blueprint 2025 initiative is organized around ten work streams that provide an integrated framework for rethinking infrastructure development and delivery. Initiative outputs will include actionable recommendations related to each stream of work, together providing a system-level guide to creating an efficient, effective new infrastructure model.


[1] For Blueprint 2025, we define infrastructure to include the full value chain of activities related to transportation, electricity, water supply and wastewater treatment, information & communications technology, and social infrastructure.

[2] Making the Grade was organized by CG/LA and Autodesk and included participants from 45 U.S. infrastructure companies and their counterparts in government, academia, finance, and professional organizations.


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