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2015 Awards - Winners were announced March 27, 2015 in Busan, South Korea!

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2015 Winners Announced!

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IDB Infrastructure 360° Awards

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IDB Announces Winners of Infrastructure 360° Awards:,11093.html

2015 Winners Announced

Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank, announced on Friday, March 27, the winners of the 2015 Infrastructure 360° Awards at the IDB's annual meeting in Busan, South Korea. The awards identify and promote ways in which sustainability is integrated during the planning, design, construction, and operation of infrastructure projects. The EURUS Wind Farm project in Mexico was selected as the winner of the People and Leadership category. The Cerro Dominador Solar Concentration Plant in Chile won in the Climate and Environment category, and the Aquapolo Industrial Water Production Project in Brazil was named the winner of the overall Infrastructure 360º category, demonstrating the most comprehensive implementation of a sustainability strategy.

To access the official press release, please click here.
To access the videos highlighting the finalists and the winning projects, please click here.


The IDB Private Sector Infrastructure Sustainability Awards, or the Infrastructure 360° Awards, seek to identify, assess and reward sustainable infrastructure investments made by the private sector and public private partnerships in the IDB borrowing member countries. Managed by CG/LA Infrastructure, the awards recognize outstanding sustainability practices in infrastructure investments in the region with emphasis on climate and environment, as well as leading practices in social impact, governance and innovation.

The main objective of the Infrastructure 360° Awards is to help identify, raise awareness and promote ways in which sustainable approaches by the private sector and public private partnerships in the IDB borrowing member countries can be used to plan, design, construct and operate infrastructure projects. The Infrastructure 360° Awards are the only infrastructure sustainability awards in the Americas. The second group of awardees were announced at the IDB's Annual Meeting on March 27, 2015 in Busan, South Korea. The program enters its third year and winners will be announced in the Bahamas during the IDB's Annual Meeting April 2016.

Winners are selected by a jury of infrastructure and sustainability experts from around the world, based on detailed project assessments provided by the Harvard Zofnass Program for Infrastructure Sustainability housed at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. CG/LA Infrastructure directs project outreach and promotion, media relations, and jury selection. The three award categories are designed to recognize cutting-edge sustainability efforts, which include projects that exhibit innovation, governance and collaborative efforts that make those projects world leaders in sustainability.

Who Should Apply?

Submissions are welcomed and encouraged from all entities involved in developing sustainable infrastructure projects in the IDB borrowing member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Eligible projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Located at an IDB borrowing member country in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Be at least at 70% completion of construction works, or in operation during the past three years;
  • Have an asset value of at least US $30 million;
  • Be a private sector project or a public private partnership (PPP), with at least 51% equity owned by a private sector entity; Belong to the following categories: Energy; Transportation; Water; Waste; and Telecommunications.

Projects previously selected as Infrastructure 360° finalists are ineligible for consideration for a period of three (3) years following their selection. After the three (3) year period, previous finalists may only re-apply to the Infrastructure 360° Awards after demonstrating a significant inclusion of the Harvard Zofnass recommendations (as laid out in the case study prepared for the project finalist) for increased sustainability into their project. Re-admittance into the Awards will determined by the Harvard Zofnass program.

View the 2016 Project Brochure

Why Should You Apply?

Applying to the Infrastructure 360° Awards will boost public awareness of your project, and you could gain valuable insights from a detailed analysis to be carried by an expert team of industry experts and academics.

Milestones and Deadlines

  • Final deadline for submission for the 2016 Awards: June 5, 2015.
  • Selection of 12 Finalists by the Harvard Zofnass Program: July 2015.
  • Ceremony & Announcement of 2016 Winners: IDB Annual Meeting, April, 2016, Nassau, Bahamas.

People and Leadership Award

That project which exhibits the greatest extent of positive impacts on people’s quality of life and the community where it is located, immediately and throughout the lifecycle of the project. A project could stand out based on its efforts to minimize or mitigate environmental health impacts; to engage the local community in the decision making process; to implement best practices of governance; to exercise efforts to address social issues of local communities or to generate employment and training, and to use innovative technologies or management practices. Additionally, the People and Leadership award seeks to reward leaders who design and develop projects that will be relevant in the long term by fostering stakeholder collaboration and involvement; addressing conflict regulations and policies; and planning for long-term maintenance and monitoring.

Climate and Environment AwarD

That project which exhibits outstanding performance in areas that may include, among others, the use of resources in a way that minimizes environmental impact; the use of sustainable-certified materials and the efficient use of resources; efforts to promote the rejuvenation of degraded ecosystems and the minimization of disruptions to ecosystems; and actions to limit greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize the long-term carbon footprint of the project.

Infrastructure 360° Award

That project which has the highest overall score among submitted projects in the categories previously described. The Infrastructure 360° Project will serve not only as a model of excellence in sustainability practices throughout the region, but also as a model for delivering infrastructure services through strategic and transparent management aimed having long-term positive impact on people and the environment.

New! Transformational Project AWard

The Transformational Project Award rewards that project which exhibits innovative standards and approaches which, according to the jury panel of experts, will help transform the development of infrastructure. Such project may take place within a challenging environmental and/or social context, requiring more creativity and ingenuity in order to meet its sustainability goals. This transformational project may address a specific, strategic need within a community or the natural environment, or face a more complex array of inter-connected sustainability dimensions. While maintaining high sustainability standards, the transformational project provides solutions that can also work and be implemented in comparable instances. A project may be identified as transformational if it is unanimously proposed by the jury panel of experts. One of the three award winners of the other Infrastructure 360 categories could also receive this award.