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The Leadership Forum Series

About the Leadership Forum Series

The Leadership Forum Series is a dynamic infrastructure marketplace focused on significant project opportunities from 10 sectors and connecting the professionals required to make those projects go forward.

Forum programs consist of rapid project presentations, keynotes focused on current infrastructure trends, pre-scheduled private meetings, interactive lunches, along with networking receptions that create tremendous business development opportunities with the 400+ industry-leading executives in attendance.

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Partnering with CGLA Infrastructure

Founded in 1987, CG/LA Infrastructure is a purpose-driven organization that creates long-term value in the world’s infrastructure markets. The ultimate objective is to accelerate effective and efficient infrastructure development that benefits all key stakeholders, including the local community and taxpayers, governments, business, project originators/owners, and investors. Leveraging CG/LA Infrastructure’s proven track record of world class Infrastructure Leadership Forum events, demonstrated thought leadership and expertise in the development of “Top 100” Infrastructure project lists, and unparalleled access to leaders from government, business and academia, CG/LA Infrastructure invites leading organizations to explore partnership.

Partnership is available in a variety options:

– Sponsorships for a specific CG/LA Infrastructure Leadership Forum

– Annual Memberships at a regional or global level

– Country Partnerships, for a focused set of activities at a specific country

– Knowledge Partnerships, in particular for multilateral/bilateral organizations and foundations

For more information contact Isaac Taylor at [email protected]