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12th Global Infrastructure Leadership FOrum Program



Day 1:  March 26, 2019

* invited

8:00 am - 10:00 am

Mayors and Urban Leaders Summit (invite only)

The Summit brings mayors together from around the world to focus on how to approach the challenges and opportunities in their cities. Getting governance right is the first step, the absolute precursor to making cities "smart" - Lighting, Water, Power, Revenue Creation. The Mayors Summit brings city leaders together with the best minds in the infrastructure business, to discuss new technologies, new funding sources, and new ways to think about engaging citizens.
Speakers: City mayors from Canada, the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Discussion Leaders: Scott Polikov, Gateway Planning & Key Executives from water, lighting and power companies globally.

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Breakfast - Track a

Renewing Montreal: An Infrastructure Perspective

As cities around the world grow, formerly outlying industrial areas face pressure to reinvent themselves to meet the housing needs of a growing population, and to take on new uses demanded by a changing economy. Montreal, as one of the oldest cities in Canada, faces the same challenge, especially in its eastern boroughs. How do these infrastructure changes affect the city? And how should these projects engage the community and local businesses? In this session, we hear from the Port of Montreal and partners on their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned while navigating this landscape. Finally, the Montreal Port Authority presents its flagship project: the new Contrecoeur container terminal.

Discussion Leaders:
Josée Chiasson, Director of Territorial Economic Development, City of Montreal
Presentation by:
Ryan Dermody, Vice-President, Contrecoeur

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Breakfast - Track b

Indonesian Infrastructure Outlook 

CG/LA Infrastructure’s 2019 Strategic 100 Projects list includes Asian projects totaling over $172B in investment, fully 37% of the global total. Behind this number lie dynamic countries such as Indonesia, where visionary leadership has driven forward an ambitious new infrastructure program. What further opportunities are on the horizon, and what risks should be on investors’ radars?

Moderator: Bartlet W. Edes, Representative in North America, Asian Development Bank

Discussion Leaders:
• Muhammad Wahid Sutopo, Executive Director of Business, Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund
• Otto Ardianto, Special Advisor to Minister of Transport for Finance & Investment, Indonesia
• Eko Heripoerwanto, Director General of Infrastructure Financing, Ministry of Civil Work, Indonesia
• Harold Tjiptadjaja, Chief Investment Officer, Indonesia Infrastructure Finance

10:00 am - 10:30 am

Welcoming Plenary

Norman Anderson, Chairman & CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, will kick off the 12th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum with a discussion of the results we hope to achieve for the Forum and for all participants. These include a doubling of infrastructure investment, as the infrastructure community focuses on creating benefits for people around the world.
Followed by welcome messages by the Hon. François Bonnardel, Quebec Minister of Transport, and Sylvain Ouellet, Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee responsible for water, water infrastructure, and infrastructure of the Commission des Services Électriques de Montréal.

Welcome and Introduction:
Norman Anderson, Chairman & CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure

Keynote Addresses:
• Sylvain Ouellet, Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee, Commission des Services Électriques de Montréal
• Hon. François Bonnardel, Quebec Minister of Transport

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Global Infrastructure Economic Outlook

Given the backdrop of slowing economic growth in China and a growing fiscal deficit in the U.S., what do the coming years hold in terms of infrastructure investment? Which markets are likely to see the greatest investment? What are the likely trends influencing funding mechanisms, project scale, and beyond? Join a panel of expert macroeconomists as they share their perspectives, using CG/LA’s Strategic 100 Global Infrastructure Projects to cast those trends into relief.

Moderator: John Parisella, Former Quebec Delegate General to the United States

Discussion Leaders:
• Marc-André Blanchard, Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations
• John Beck, Executive Chairman, Aecon
• Joaquim Levy, President, BNDES*
• Martin Coiteux, Chief Economist, CDPQ*

11:30 am - 11:45 am


11:45 Am - 12:45 pm

track A

Infrastructure Technologies Update 

What are the latest developments in infrastructure technology, and what impact are these new technologies having on project development? Join experts from Autodesk and other technology companies as they join the dots between lidar surveying, augmented reality, Building Information Modeling and more.
Co Sponsors: Auto Desk

• Eric DesRoche, Manager Infrastructure, Business Strategy & Marketing, Autodesk

Discussion Leaders:
• JP Giometti, Executive Director, Global Strategy and Business Development, HCSS
• Jim Keravala, CEO, OffWorld
• Tal Meirzon, CEO, Datumate
• Ellis Talton, Director of Growth, Briq

11:45 Am - 12:45 pm

track B

Infrastructure Investments — Risk vs Reward

Infrastructure investments offer opportunities for steady returns over a long time horizon, but do not always match the risk–reward profile being sought by private investors. What innovative approaches to risk mitigation are emerging in order to crowd in more private-sector investment?

Katherine Davisson, Head of Infrastructure Initiatives, World Economic Forum

Discussion Leaders:
● Paul Horrocks, Lead Manager - Private Investment, OECD
● Tim Keith, Chief Investment Officer, Texas Central Partners, LLC
● Jim Pass, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners
● Brian Ross, Founder and CEO, InfraShares
● Harold Tjipfadjaja, Chief Investment Officer, Managing Director, PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Lunch, featuring Boston Consulting Group's
2019 Annual Town Hall Session

BCG executives will provide a preview of the infrastructure market in 2019. This is the most popular Leadership Forum session, focusing on market analysis of critical growth areas and identifying leading trends expected across all infrastructure sectors. Don't miss this informative session, back once again this year!

Co Sponsors: Boston Consulting Group

Led by: Rich Davey, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

Smart Cities

The era of smart city pilot projects is rapidly giving way to major undertakings in the fields of smart water metering, LED street lighting, and Internet of Things-enabled decision-making. These projects represent substantial investments aimed at empowering consumers and making cities more efficient.

Moderator: Rick Cassidy, Business Development Construction & Infrastructure, Hexagon

Discussion Leaders:
• The CLARA Plan: Nick Cleary, Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Pty Ltd
• Jennifer Schmitz, Managing Director, Lattice Industries
• Eric Deschenes, Executive Vice President, ABB

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Track a

Global Infrastructure Challenge 2050 workshop

In January 2019, CG/LA Infrastructure launched an ambitious global initiative to solicit ideas for infrastructure from experts and citizens alike, covering the three key areas of technology, funding and public value creation. At this workshop, the winner of each category will be revealed, and will present their project for discussion with participants.

Co Sponsors: HCSS and Trimble

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

track b

Infrastructure Development in Canada:
Alternative Funding and Financing

Canada is widely recognized as a leader in private investment in infrastructure, given the leading role played by pension funds, a successful track record of PPP project delivery, and the creation of Canada’s National Infrastructure Bank. How does the Canadian model work? What are its strengths, and what are the lessons for the future of infrastructure funding and financing in Canada and beyond?

Moderator: Kelly Gillis, Deputy Minister, Infrastructure and Communities, Infrastructure Canada*

Discussion Leaders:
• Pierre Lavallée, President & CEO, Canada Infrastructure Bank
• John Beck, Executive Chairman, Aecon
• Heather Grondin, Vice-President, Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Windsor–Detroit Bridge Authority
• Representative from CDPQ*

3:30 Pm - 3:45 pm


3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

track a

Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations in 2015, provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity that explicitly encourages the construction of resilient infrastructure. How can infrastructure development and the SDGs create win–win opportunities for both the short and long term?

Moderated By:
Mark Romoff, President and CEO, The Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships

Discussion Leaders:
• Tony Marshall, Director, Global Highways Business Leader, Arup
• Rashad Kaldany, Partner, CIO and Founder, Blue like an Orange Capital
• David Dodd, Founding President and CEO, International Sustainable Resilience Center
• The East Link Project: Christian Ljungdahl, Project Director, Swedish Transport Administration

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

track b

Innovative Approaches for increased Value Creation in Infrastructure Development

Great infrastructure development happens when breakthrough ideas from academia can be bridged into the practical applications of real world projects. Hear the latest innovative value creation approaches for designers-builders and owners-sponsors from top academic thinkers and debate/discuss what might be applicable to your project or business.

Co Sponsors: SNC Lavalin

Gilles Turcotte, Vice President, Business Development & Proposals, SNC-Lavalin

Discussion Leaders:
• Richard G. Shearmur, Director, School of Urban Planning, McGill
• Daniel Forgues, Industrial Chair in the Integration of Digital Technologies in Construction, Superior Technology School
• Dr. Osama Moselhi, Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering, Concordia University

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Better Projects, better People, better Business

While infrastructure development almost universally brings benefits, not all projects are created equal. How can policy-makers funnel investment into projects that also generate both environmental and user benefits? How can the local communities involved give their inputs and feedback? Why are infrastructure standards that promote sustainability and resilience important?

Moderated By: Robert Doyle, Regional Director, Investment & Business Planning, Hatch

Discussion Leaders:
• Daniel Wiener, President of the Board, Global Infrastructure Basel   
• James Pass, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners
• Adonis Dichoso, Engineering Program Manager, (Capital Line South and Valley Line West LRT), City of Edmonton

5:45 PM - 8:00 PM


Welcome Remarks: Sean Finn, Founder and Executive Chairman, CN

Day 2:  March 27, 2019

7:30 Am - 8:30 Am


Resilience and Disaster Management : The Role of Technology

In an increasingly complex world, where regulatory pressures, reliability demands, and the risks of natural and man-made disasters are rising, the infrastructure sector is under pressure to optimize where to invest resources and de-risk. Leveraging smart technology solutions and turning data into actionable intelligence in a digitally connected world will allow project owners to quantify and better manage the risks they face, prioritize repair/replacement decisions, and more efficiently apply limited resources to optimize. Through an interactive guided workshop lead by PrecisionHawk and joined by Autodesk and Booz Allen Hamilton, learn how proven technologies can help manage existing assets, improve operational efficiencies, create connected and smarter cities, installations and campuses that can stand ready in a disaster-prone era. Understand how generative design can optimize new infrastructure by building to new code and standards while reducing vulnerabilities to ensure buildings and infrastructure can punch back quickly from future storm events.

Sponsored by: PrecisionHawk

Moderator: Glady Singh, Vice President of Government Solutions, PrecisionHawk

Discussion Leaders:
• Diana Marina Cooper, Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy, PrecisionHawk
• Will Rowe, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton
• Eric DesRoche, Manager Infrastructure, Business Strategy & Marketing, Autodesk

7:30 Am - 8:30 Am


Brazil Infrastructure Outlook

Major change is afoot in Brazil. The country has shown early signs of recovering from its 2015–2016 economic recession, and has installed a new president, Jair Bolsonaro, on a pro-growth, investment-led mandate. Which are the strategic projects being prioritized by the federal government, and what opportunities exist at the state level?

Moderator: Representative from Inter-American Development Bank

Discussion Leaders:
• Augusto Neves, Founding Partner, Dal Pozzo

8:30 Am - 9:30 Am

The Top Strategic Infrastructure Projects in the World

Hear the latest developments on the key projects that are critical for dramatically increasing national and regional competitiveness. These projects are game changers, either because of their magnitude, or their replicability. These are the projects that are the highest-ranked projects in CG/LA Strategic 100 list, critical for job creation, business development, long-term investment, and the critical inputs that citizens demand: mobility and health, along with opportunities.

Moderator: Sean Derrah, Senior Director – Northeast/Canada, Oracle Construction and Engineering

• The Gateway Program: Stephen Sigmund, Chief of Public Outreach, The Gateway Development Corporation
• The CLARA Plan: Nick Cleary, Chairman and CEO, Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Pty Ltd
• Long Thanh International Airport: Dao Viet Dung, Deputy General Director, Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV)
• Norte Sul Railway: Representative from BNDES*

9:30 Am - 10:30 Am

Taking Canadian Infrastructure Global

In their quest to go global, Canadian companies have trodden many paths. This panel offers different perspectives on why and how they approached international markets, what challenges they faced, and what lessons they learned along the way. Expect a lively discussion, with a particular emphasis on the opportunities created by international adoption of the Canadian PPP model.

Co Sponsors:Export Development Canada

Moderator: Stephen Benoit, Manager, Global Strategic Relationships and Investments, Export Development Canada

Discussion Leaders:
• Ali Ettehadieh, Executive Vice President, WSP
• Jean Mastropietro, Directeur Transport, Hatch
• Eitan Ladizinsky, Senior Vice President, Aecon Concessions
• Denis Crevier, Senior Vice President, Investment Management, SNC-Lavalin

10:30 Am - 10:45 Am

Coffee break

10:45 Am - 11:45 Am

track a

Making Megaprojects Work — Key Lessons

Nine out of ten megaprojects experience cost overruns, and most take much longer to build than expected, according to the University of Oxford’s Bent Flyvbjerg. What does it take to defy the odds and deliver a successful megaproject? In this interactive session, join leaders who have consistently done just that.

Moderated by: 
• Philippe Junger, Business Development Manager, Kiewit

Presentation by:
• Robert Pouliot, Lecturer, Quebec University in Montreal

• Riyadh Metro: John L. Rinard, Senior Vice President, Parsons
• Texas High Speed Rail: Tim Keith, Chief Investment Officer, Texas Central Partners

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

track b

Getting the Public on Board – Lessons from the Battlefield

A successful infrastructure project is as much about managing the public's perception and expectations as it is about the project and technical execution. This session will share both "fairy tales and the horror stories" on the importance of engaging the public, and on how best do it
Jacques Bénard, Senior Vice President, Hill & Knowlton Strategies

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

track a

Project panel — Rail 

These projects are some of the most imaginative and transformative in the world, moving people quickly and safely between cities, or from point to point and on the outskirts of major cities. Hear the latest developments and partnership/investment opportunities on these projects.
Moderated By:
• Representative from CN*

• Texas Central High Speed Rail, Tim Keith, Chief Investment Officer, Texas Central Partners LLC
• The East Link Project, Christian Ljungdahl, Project Director, Swedish Transport Administration
• Lahat - Tarahan Railway, Representative from Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Bank*

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

track b

Project panel — Ports

Shipping is the backbone of global trade. With demand continuing to grow — an estimated 5.3% more containers were shipped in 2018 than the prior year — many countries are upgrading or building new ports, creating large opportunities. This session is the first of two Ports panels and focuses on international projects.

Moderated By:
• Elisabeth Reid, Executive Vice President, Simco Technologies

• Ibom Deep Sea Port Project: Yehuda Kotik, Ibom Project Leader, Bollore Group
• Myanmar Deepwater Ports: Thu Rein Aung, Chairman and CEO, Apcol Pte Ltd and Consortium
• Port of Venice Marine Terminal: Osamu Kasuya, Advisor, Severin Group
• Hank Voogt, Asset Manager, Port of Rotterdam
• New Deep-water Container Terminal: Don Krusel, Managing Director, Quebec Port Authorityn

12:45 pm - 1:00 pm

Special Remarks

In her second annual address to the Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum, the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante*, will reflect on the city's progress and share her vision for the future of Montreal's infrastructure.

Special Remarks: Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal*

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Plenary Lunch featuring Oracle Project of the Year Awards

The Oracle Project of the Year Awards are one of the true highlights of every Leadership Forum event. We recognize and celebrate the projects — and the leaders behind the projects — that are models for projects going forward. Awards are given in five categories: Strategic , Engineering, Finance, Green Infrastructure/Sustainability, and Job Creation.

Co Sponsors: Oracle

Led by: Douglas Rubingh, Vice President, Oracle Construction and Engineering

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM


Project panel – Key Airport Projects:
Financing the Airports of the Future

Airport projects present tremendous investment potential for the private sector, buoyed by rising global demand for transporting both passengers and goods by air. At the same time, the pipeline of major airport projects is not keeping pace with demand in several regions of the world. This session brings together sector experts and project owners to discuss the critical topic of financing.

Moderated by: Vincent Joli-Coeur, National Bank of Canada

Discussion Leaders:
• JFK Airport Modernization, Marc McGrady, Director, CAG Holdings LLC
• Greg Huang, Vice President, CCR Airports
• Angela Gittens, Director General, Airports Council International
• Dao Viet Dung, Deputy General Director, Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) 

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

track B

Project panel – urban mobility

These projects are some of the most imaginative and transformative in the world, moving people quickly and safely between cities, or from point to point and on the outskirts of major cities. Hear the latest developments and partnership/investment opportunities on these projects.

Moderated By: Gareth Jones, Rail Market Leader - Canada, Arup

• Ottawa Light Rail Transit Stage 2, Chris Swail, Project Manager, City of Ottawa
• Capital Line South Extension, Adonis Dichoso, Engineering Program Manager, City of Edmonton
• Valley Line West LRT, Adonis Dichoso, Engineering Program Manager, City of Edmonton
• Light Rail Transit Cibubur - Bogor, Representative from the Indonesian Infrastructure Guarantee Fund*

2:45 pm - 3:00 pm

coffee break

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Track a

Innovations in Water & Energy Project Development

Globally, demand for energy continues to rise, sparking projects in both oil and gas and power generation. These projects all cover specific opportunities, while showcasing innovative technologies and new ways of moving projects forward. Water is a critical resource for municipal users, industrial purposes and energy development, and is often overlooked as a means of ensuring health and economic development. This session will showcase leading opportunities in water and energy, as well as the innovation and leadership behind them. The projects represent immediate opportunities with maximum strategic impact.

Co Sponsors: Cole Engineering

Moderated By:Mohsen Mortada, CEO, Cole Engineering

Discussion Leaders: 
• Michel Carreau, Director, Energy & Hybrid Power, HATCH

Projects Presentation: 
• Tire Recycling Waste-to-Energy Plant: Luis Martinez, CEO, Lixo Verde
• Municipal Wastewater Agreements in Brazil, Anand Hemnani, Chief Investment Officer, CG/LA Infrastructure

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

track b

Project panel  – Top Bridge, Tunnel & Highway Projects 

These projects are some of the most critical projects globally. Linking communities and nations, the projects present significant private investment opportunities for a number of industries. The panel will showcase a variety of transportation upgrades looking for reliable private-sector partners to execute.

Moderated By: Anand Hemnani, Chief Investment Officer, CG/LA Infrastructure

• Gordie Howe International Bridge: Mark Butler, Director of Communications, Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority.
• Cargo Sous Terrain: Daniel Wiener, Co-Founder and President, Ecos
• Tlicho All-Season Road Project: Terry Burgis, Kiewit Canada Development Corporation.
• Indonesian Priority Highway Project: Representative from the Indonesian Ministry of Transport*

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Track b

Project panel – Multimodal and Logistics Projects

Multimodal and Logistics projects open new avenues of transporting goods to develop economies. Often, these projects break physical barriers and create new pathways to develop business in uncharted territories, supporting supply chains through new corridors. Hear from some of the more strategic projects in planning that are seeking to strengthen the economic backbone of the countries and regions they serve.

Moderated By: Luis Ortiz, Project Director, Hill International

• Ferropista Colombia: Juan Alba Ripoll, Manager, ARCS
• Interoceanic Corridor in Guatemala: Enrique Catalan, Director, Corporate Management Board, Sistema Interocianico de Guatemala

4:45 pm - 5:15pm

Closing plenary

The Closing Plenary brings CEOs and Public Officials together to summarize the results and action items of the 12th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum.

5:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Pre-Scheduled Private Meetings

Every participant has the option of scheduling up to 10 meetings with project presenters and/or Leadership Forum Sponsors. Each meeting lasts 15 minutes. Two weeks ahead of the event, participants will be invited to schedule their meetings.

Day 3:  March 28, 2019

9:00 Am - 12:00 pm

Site Visits

Close out your Forum experience by seeing infrastructure in action. Participants will be invited to reserve a spot in the week prior to the Forum.

ABB Innovation Center:
ABB, a global energy and industrial equipment and systems manufacturer, inaugurated its flagship digital headquarters in Montreal in 2017 with a state-of-the-art campus. Participants will receive a guided tour of the Customer Innovation Center and research & development facility. The Innovation Center features the latest in workplace design and an award-winning digital technology show space that demonstrates the energy interconnections for Industry 4.0, super-performing electrical mobility infrastructure and the digitalization of the urban space.

Réseau Express Métropolitain:
The Réseau Express Métropolitan (REM) light rail system is the largest mass transit project in Quebec in the last 50 years. The site visit will be hosted by NouvrLR, an engineering and construction general partnership comprised of SNC-Lavalin, Dragados Canada Inc., Groupe Aecon Québec Ltée, Pomerleau Inc. and EBC Inc. Over the course of 2½ hours, we will visit four stations and several points of interest in the construction of the 67km line. These include local stations being constructed beside an active road, a terminus, the test track, a tunnel boring site and the airport connection.

 Leadership Forum University (invite only)

2:00 Pm - 8:30 pm

Monday, March 25, 2019

Designed specifically for project owners and developers, the Leadership Forum University brings together the sharpest minds in the infrastructure industry. Experts and project alumni deliver seminars, share best practices, and discuss proven solutions and upcoming trends so that owners can build knowledge and capacity across the project development lifecycle, as well as share their own successes and challenges. Canada's Minister of Infrastructure & Communities, the honorable François-Philippe Champagne will be speaking  at the dinner. Want to learn more about this private event? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6:30 Pm - 8:30 pm

Welcome VIP Dinner (Invitation Only)

Our Welcome VIP Dinner, exclusively and by invitation only for CG/LA Infrastructure Members, Sponsors, Project Owners, and selected VIPs, proudly welcomes infrastructure leaders from over 30 countries as we celebrate their leadership in transforming the world.

"Welcoming Remarks: Norman Anderson, Chairman & CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure
Special Guest: Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Canada
Introduced By: John Beck, Executive Chairman, Aecon