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Preliminary Program

July 31, 2019

8:30 am–12:30 pm

USAID’s Amazon Best Socio-Environmental Practices Activity Workshop (invite-only)

12:30 pm–1:00 pm 

Forum Registration and Light Lunch

1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Welcome Plenary
The 17th Latin American Infrastructure Leadership Forum, under the overall theme of Creating Long-Term Strategic Value: Designing and Building Great Projects, will focus on three sub-themes critical for Latin American infrastructure development: Strategic Projects, Transformative Technology, and Megaproject Best Management Practices. What challenges and opportunities does the region face in 2019?

2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Unlocking Economic Potential Through Infrastructure
Track A 
Critical, well-planned strategic infrastructure projects can benefit citizens while creating business opportunities. These projects have the potential to drive the next stage of Latin American growth. Which sectors hold the key?

Sharing the Benefits: Building Consensus in Local Communities 
Track B
Many infrastructure projects hold the potential for enormous benefits for users, yet their progress is hampered by a lack of community support. If we are to dramatically increase investment in Latin American infrastructure, how do we put the benefits front and center — job creation, business creation, mobility, health, new business attraction, etc.? What are the strategies for building consensus in local communities, and particularly indigenous communities?

3:00 pm–3:30 pm

Coffee Break

3:30 pm–4:30 pm

Channelling Private Capital to Accelerate Infrastructure Project Development
Track A
Governments across Latin America are seeking ways to deliver infrastructure projects given constraints on raising capital and the need to reduce their debt burden. One option is to partner with the private sector to lease existing assets or sell concessions for new construction. What mechanisms are available and when are they appropriate?

Infrastructure Investments — Risk vs Reward
Track B
Infrastructure investments offer opportunities for steady returns over a long time horizon, but do not always match the risk–reward profile being sought by private investors. What innovative approaches to risk mitigation are emerging in order to crowd in more private-sector investment? Learn about the B2 Infra credit fund recently launched by IDB and BNDES in Brazil, and other successful approaches.

4:30 pm–5:30 pm

Latin American Infrastructure Economic Outlook
Track A
What do the coming years hold in terms of infrastructure investment in Latin America? Which markets are likely to see the greatest investment? What are the likely trends influencing funding mechanisms, project scale, and beyond? Join a distinguished panel of investors, economists and policy leaders as they share their perspectives, using CG/LA’s Strategic 100 Latin American Infrastructure Projects to cast those trends into relief.

Building a Pipeline of Great Projects
Track B
"The issue isn't money, it's finding the right project": all too often, the lack of a solid pipeline of projects is cited as the roadblock to investment. What initiatives are underway in order to improve the quality, and quantity, of infrastructure project preparation?


Keynote: Governance as a Strategic Advantage
The perils of poor governance and corruption are well documented. How do we flip the script to cultivate robust, transparent governance as a source of strength for companies, states and countries?

6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Welcome Reception

August 1, 2019

8:00 am–9:00 am

Breakfast Session: Smart Cities
Track A
Today's smart cities benefit from smart water metering, LED street lighting, and Internet of Things-enabled decision-making, making them more efficient while empowering consumers. What represents the next frontier of the smart city, and what challenges stand in the way?

Breakfast Session: Impact of Technology on Infrastructure Development
Track B
New technologies are reshaping both the supply and demand sides of infrastructure. At the same time as the Internet of Things and smart grids are influencing demand for mobility and energy, for example, drones, robotics and 3D printing are reducing the risk and cost involved with project delivery. How can infrastructure leaders position themselves for success in the new era?

9:00 am–9:20 am

Special Remarks
Hear from one of Brazil's most senior infrastructure leaders on the country's plans to transform its economy through infrastructure.

9:20 am–10:00 am

Keynote: Returns on Resilience
By constructing resilient infrastructure, some countries are increasing the financial attractiveness of their projects while contributing to sustainability. How can countries create win–win opportunities for both the short and long term?

10:00 am–11:00 am

Partnership Opportunities with the U.S. Government
Track A
Infrastructure development ranks highly as a priority for the U.S. Government in its development support to Latin America. What are the plans of the key U.S. agencies in the region, and how can cities, states and countries best partner with them?

Attracting Long-Term Investment into Latin America 
Track B
For international investors such as Canada's pension funds, the Latin American region remains of interest, but recent challenges including corruption and threatened expropriation have hampered project owners' ability to secure financing. How can governments best work with international investors and prepare themselves for success?

11:00 am–11:30 am

Coffee Break


USAID’s Amazon Best Socio-Environmental Practices Activity for Megaprojects: Oil & Gas and Mining
Track A
In the Amazon Region, several megaprojects are underway to extract oil, gas and metals. What are the best management practices to develop and manage the infrastructure required to support these projects while benefiting all stakeholders?

USAID’s Amazon Best Socio-Environmental Practices Activity for Megaprojects: Hydropower and Transport
Track B
The hydropower and transport megaprojects planned for the Amazon Region promise to unlock vast opportunities and positive transformation. What tools, methods, and technologies can help to deliver these projects both efficiently and equitably?


Luncheon Keynote featuring Project of the Year Awards


Project Panel: Highways, Rail and Transit
Track A

Project Panel: Airports
Track B

2:30PM–3:30 pm

Project Panel: Megaprojects in the Amazon
Track A

Project Panel: Ports and Logistics
Track B

3:30 PM–4:00 pm 

Coffee Break

4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Project Panel: Water and Wastewater
Track A

Project Panel: Hydropower and Renewables
Track B

5:00 pm–5:15 pm 

Closing Plenary

5:30 pm–8:00 pm 

Private Meetings Reception