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Preliminary Program

The 17th Annual Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum is a platform for identifying and developing projects critical to Brazil's growth, and to Latin America's growth. We bring expertise - leaders from engineering/construction, technology, finance, services, public policy - from around the world, to focus on strategic projects presented by their owners. This year's Strategic 100 list contains nearly $200 billion in projects, with more than $100 billion coming from Brazil. We address Best Management Practices, particularly in the Amazon, for mega-projects. And we highlight critical, transformational, technologies from our members, our sponsors, and you!

** Program below may not be up to date. 

July 31, 2019

8:30 am–12:30 pm

USAID’s Amazon Best Socio-Environmental Practices Activity Workshop (invite-only)

12:30 pm–1:00 pm 

Forum Registration and Light Lunch

1:00 pm–1:45 pm

Welcome Plenary
The 17th Latin American Infrastructure Leadership Forum, under the overall theme of Creating Long-Term Strategic Value: Designing and Building Great Projects, will focus on three sub-themes critical for Latin American infrastructure development: Strategic Projects, Transformative Technology, and Megaproject Best Management Practices. What challenges and opportunities does the region face in 2019?

Moderated by:
- Norm Anderson, Chairman and CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure

Welcoming Remark:
- Ibaneis Rocha Barros Junior, Governor, Federal District of Brasilia
Special Remarks:
- Diogo Mac Cord de Faria, Secretary of Infrastructure Development – Ministry of Economy, Federal Government of Brazil

1:45 pm–2:45 pM

Latin American Infrastructure Economic Outlook
What do the coming years hold in terms of infrastructure investment in Latin America? Which markets and sectors are likely to see the greatest investment What are the likely trends influencing funding mechanisms, project scale, and beyond? Discussion Leaders will share their perspectives, using CG/LA's Strategic 100 Latin American Infrastructure Projects to cast those trends into relief.

Discussion Leaders:
- Pedro Bruno Barros de Souza, PPI Energy and Airports Secretary 
- Karla Fernandes, Head of Capital Markets, TMF

Moderated By:


Sharing the Benefits: Building Consensus in Local Communities 
Many infrastructure projects hold the potential for enormous benefits for users, yet their progress is hampered by a lack of community support. If we are to dramatically increase investment in Latin American infrastructure, how do we put the benefits front and center — job creation, business creation, mobility, health, new business attraction, etc.? What are the strategies for building consensus in local communities, and particularly indigenous communities?

Discussion Leaders:
- Bruno Freitas, Founding Partner, Torus Consulting* 
- Uirá Cavalcante Oliveira, Support Secretary of Environmental Licensing and Expropriations, PPI 
- Greg Bracci, Vice President, Americas, EMS Bruel & Kjaer

Moderated By:

2:45 pm–3:15 pm

Coffee Break

3:15 pm–4:15 pm

Infrastructure Investments — Risk vs Reward
Infrastructure investments offer opportunities for steady returns over a long time horizon, but do not always match the risk–reward profile being sought by private investors. What innovative approaches to risk mitigation are emerging in order to crowd in more private-sector investment? Learn about the B2 Infra credit fund recently launched by IDB and BNDES in Brazil, and other successful approaches.

Discussion Leaders:
- João Auler, Executive Director, UBS
- Helena Cristina Dill, Advisor, SPPI, PPI
- Karla Bertocco Trindade, Director of Government and Infrastructure, BNDES*
- Andre Dabus, Director of Infrastructure, Marsh

Moderated by
- Anand Hemnani, Chief Investment Officer, CG/LA Infrastructure 


Impact of Technology on Infrastructure Development 
New technologies are reshaping both the supply and demand sides of infrastructure. At the same time as the Internet of Things and smart grids are influencing demand for mobility and energy, for example, drones, robotics and 3D printing are reducing the risk and cost involved with project delivery. How can infrastructure leaders position themselves for success in the new era?

Discussion Leaders:
- Christian Contreras, Geographical Engineer, The Nature Conservancy, and Professor in Geography and Environmental Geomatics, National Agrarian University La Molina

- Dimmi Amora, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Agência Infra

4:15 pm–5:15 pm

Channeling Private Capital to Accelerate Infrastructure Project Development 
Governments across Latin America are seeking ways to deliver infrastructure projects given constraints on raising capital and the need to reduce their debt burden. One option is to partner with the private sector to lease existing assets or sell concessions for new construction. What mechanisms are available and when are they appropriate?

Discussion Leaders:
- Fabiana Reppucci, President, CCI Concessões e Construções de Infraestrutura S.A., Chairman of the Board for Public Private Partnership - Ribeirão das Neves Prison Complex - MG
- Gabriela Engler, Executive Secretary, Subsecretariat of Partnerships, Government of the State of São Paulo
- Otto Luiz Burlier, Director, Investment Partnership Program (PPI)
- Helcio Tokeshi, Partner, IG4 Capital
- Eduardo Camargo, President, CCR Aeroportos

Moderated By:
- Ricardo Sennes, Managing Director, Prospectiva Consulting


Building a Pipeline of Great Projects
"The issue isn't money, it's finding the right project": all too often, the lack of a solid pipeline of projects is cited as the roadblock to investment. What initiatives are underway in order to improve the quality, and quantity, of infrastructure project preparation?

Discussion leaders
- Juan Quirós, President, SP Negócios (Agência de Promoção de Investimentos e Exportações da Cidade de São Paulo) 
- Dyogo Henrique de Oliveira, President, Associação Nacional das Empresas Administradoras de Aeroportos (ANEAA)
- Thiago Costa Monteiro Caldeira, SPPI, PPI 

Moderated By: 
- Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo, Founder and Managing Partner, Dal Pozzo Law Firm 


Brasilia's New Vision - Strategic Projects for Long-Term Growth 
Brasilia's dynamic new Governor, Ibaneis Rocha Barros Junior, and his government have a strategic vision for the Federal District of Brasilia that is ambitious, transformative and doable. Strategic projects will be presented across a range of areas, including:
1. Avenida das Cidades (Transbrasilia Highway) PPP
2. Paulinha to Brasilia Natural Gas Pipeline
3. Public Lighting Project Federal District PPP
4. VLT "Eixo" Project
5. BioTIC Innovation Park
6. Implementation of Light Weight Vehicle W3
7. Production of Water System Corumba
8. New North Exit of Transportation Corridor
9. Expansion of Metro System
10. Privatization of Companies (CEB, CAESB, Metro)

Moderated By:
- Paco Britto, Vice Governor, Federal District of Brasilia
-Ruy Coutinho, Secretary for Economy Development, Federal District of Brasilia

6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Welcome Reception
Hosted by Banco de Brasilia

August 1, 2019

8:00 am–9:00 am

Breakfast Session: Venezuelan Reconstruction - Identifying Strategic Projects and Executing a World Class Reconstruction Effort
The session is sponsored by IPSOS Public Affairs
This session brings leading public and private sector executives together to focus on 20 projects critical to Venezuelan reconstruction, including projects in:
- Water & Sanitation (e.g. Caracas water system)
- Electricity Generation & Distribution (e.g. Guri Hydropower project)
- Oil & Gas (e.g. Recovery of Production in the Orinoco Belt)
- Transportation (e.g. bus system recuperation)
- Ports & Logistics (e.g. Jose Port Modernization)

Moderated By:

Special Remarks:
- Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, United States of America 

9:00 am–9:15 am

Brazil’s Infrastructure Outlook

9:15 am–10:15 am

The Top Strategic Infrastructure Projects in Latin America
Hear the latest developments on the key projects that are critical for dramatically increasing national and regional competitiveness across Latin America. These projects are game changers, either because of their magnitude, or their replicability. These are the projects that are the highest ranked projects in CG/LA Latin American Strategic 100 list, critical for job creation, business development, long-term investment, and the critical inputs that citizens demand, mobility and health, along with opportunities.

• Norte-Sul Railway, Maryane da Silva Figueiredo, Construction Superintendent, VALEC
• Interoceanic Corridor Guatemala, Enrique Catalan, Corporate Management Director, SIGSA
• Eco Estrela, Piotr Maj, Head of Project Management, Gremi International SARL
• Ferrogrão Railroad, Thiago Costa Monteiro Caldeira, Secretary, Brazil Investment Partnership Program (PPI)

Moderated By:
- Norm Anderson, Chairman & CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure

10:15 am–10:45 am

Partnerships for Infrastructure Development

Keynote Presentation:
-  Kristie Pellecchia, Senior Advisor, Head of Western Hemisphere, OPIC

Moderated By:
- Norm Anderson, Chairman & CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure

10:45 am--11:00 AM


11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Partnership Opportunities with the U.S. Government
Infrastructure development ranks highly as a priority for the U.S. Government in its development support to Latin America. What are the plans of the key U.S. agencies in the region, and how can cities, states and countries best partner with them?

Discussion Leaders:
- Kristie Pellecchia, Senior Advisor, Head of Western Hemisphere, OPIC
- Gabrielle Mandel, Country Manager, Brazil and Paraguay, USTDA
- US Exim Bank

Moderated By:
- Norm Anderson, Chairman & CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure


Smart Cities
Today's smart cities benefit from smart water metering, LED street lighting, and Internet of Things-enabled decision-making, making them more efficient while empowering consumers. What represents the next frontier of the smart city, and what challenges stand in the way?

Discussion Leaders:
- Thomaz Assumpção, CEO and Founder, Urban Systems
- Thiago Ribeiro, Municipal Secretary of Strategic Partnerships, Governo do Município de Porto Alegre
- Hexagon
- Aeromovel*

Moderated By:
- Gustavo Palhares, Managing Partner, Houer Concessões

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

CG/LA Leadership Forum Programme parallel session
Best Management Practices Activity for Megaprojects: Oil & Gas and Mining
In the Amazon region, several megaprojects are underway to extract oil, gas and metals. What are the best management practices to develop and manage the infrastructure required to support these projects while benefiting all stakeholders?

Discussion Leaders:
- John Freddy Palacios, Universidad de Santander, Colombia
- Hubert Borja, Director, PWES, Colombia
- Diego Forero, Director, Ecotech Advisors, Colombia
- César Zarate, Operation Managers, Wattle, Colombia


Best Management Practices for Megaprojects: Energy and Remediation
The megaprojects planned for the Amazon region promise to unlock vast opportunities and positive transformation. What sources, tools, methods, and technologies can help to deliver these projects while minimizing impacts?

Discussion Leaders:
- David Andresen, PI energy, Estados Unidos
- Diego Echeverri, Lamor, Peru
- Willem Vriesendorp, Business Development Specialist, Cleanteq, Australia
- Pedro Pino, Technologies’ expert, PEK Technologies, Brazil

1:00 PM–2:00 pM

Luncheon Keynote: The U.S Brazil Economic Relationship
Keynote Address:
• Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, United States of America


Oracle Project of the Year Awards
● Strategic Project of the Year
● Engineering Project of the Year
● Finance Project of the Year
● New/Green Project of the Year
● Job Creation Project of the Year

Moderated By:
- Chris Petersen, Oracle

2:15 pm– 3:15pm

Project Panel: Rail
These projects are some of the most critical projects globally. Linking communities and nations, the projects present significant private investment opportunities for a number of industries. The panel will showcase a variety of transportation upgrades looking for reliable private-sector partners to execute.

• Center West Integration Railway, Marcos Aires Albuquerque Santos,
Superintendent of Projects, VALEC
• Metro Lines 8 and 9 PPP, Representative from the Government of São Paulo
• Intercity Train Concession, Representative from the Government of São Paulo
• Expansion of the Federal District Metro, Walter Casemiro, Secretary of Transport
and Mobility, Government of the Federal District

Moderated By:
- Cassiane Celli, Business Executive Development, Hill International*


Project Panel: Airports
Airport projects present tremendous investment potential for the private sector, buoyed by rising global demand for transporting both passengers and goods by air. At the same time, the pipeline of major airport projects is not keeping pace with demand in several regions of the world. This session brings together sector experts and project owners to discuss the critical topic of financing.

- 6th Round of Airport concessions (South, Central, and North Blocks), Brazil Investment Partnership Program (PPI), Representative from PPI 
- Hortênsias Airport, City of Canela – RS, Representative from the Government of Canela 

Moderated By: 
- Representative from CCR* 

3:15 PM–3:30 pm 


3:30PM–4:30 pm

Project Panel: Surface Transportation and Logistics
These projects are some of the most critical projects globally. Linking communities and nations, the projects present significant private investment opportunities for a number of industries. Often, these projects break physical barriers and create new pathways to develop business in uncharted territories, supporting supply chains through new corridors. The panel will showcase a variety of transportation and logistics upgrades looking for reliable private-sector partners to execute.

• Container Terminal at Suape Port, Thiago Costa Monteiro Caldeira, Secretary, Brazil Investment Partnership Program (PPI)
• Paulo Lopes to São João do Sul Highway (BR-101/SC), Thiago Costa Monteiro Caldeira, Secretary, Brazil Investment Partnership Program (PPI)
• Transbrasilia Highway, Everardo Gueiros, Secretary of Special Projects, Government of the Federal District
• Piracicaba-Panorama Lot Highway Concession, Representative from the Government of São Paulo, Government of São Paulo

Moderated By:
- Representative from Trimble*

4:30 pm–5:30 pm

Project Panel: Energy and Water
Globally, demand for energy continues to rise, sparking projects in both oil and gas and power generation. Water is a critical resource for municipal users, industrial purposes and energy development, and is often overlooked as a means of ensuring health and economic development. This session will showcase leading opportunities in these sectors, as well as the innovation and leadership behind them. The projects represent immediate opportunities with strategic impact.

● Brasilia Integrated Management of Solid Waste, Everado Gueiros, Secretary of Special Projects, Government of the Federal District of Brasilia
• Consorcio Comares Solid Waste PPP, Manoei Renato Machado Filho, Brazil Investment Partnership Program (PPI)
• Federal District Public Lighting Project, Everado Gueiros, Secretary of Special Projects, Government of the Federal District of Brasilia
• Porto Alegre Public Lighting PPP, Thiago Ribeiro, Infrastructure Secretary, City Government of Porto Alegre
• New Energy Auction (LEN), Odenir Jose dos Reis, Brazil Investment Partnership Program (PPI)
• Tire Recycling Waste-to-Energy Plants in Sao Paulo, Luis Martinez, CEO, Lixo Verde

Moderated By:
- Fernando S. Marcato, Executive Partner, GO Associados

5:30 pm–8:00 pm 

Private Meetings Reception: Pre-Scheduled Private Meetings - Projects Owners, Sponsors, Members
The highlight of the Forum! Every project presenter has a reserved table for 2.5 hours, as do our sponsors and members. Participants have the opportunity to pre-schedule private meetings with project owners, where all projects offer business opportunities in the next 3-12 months. Each meeting last 15 minutes. Sign-ups for private meetings go live on July 18th, and each participant can schedule up to 10 meetings.

"I can do all of my business development for the year at the Leadership Forum - especially during the private meetings reception."
- High-level Technology Executive, repeat Forum participant

August 2, 2019

10:00 Am -- 12:00 PM 

Site Visits
Participants will have the opportunity to join the following site visits:
Option 1
Parque Tecnológico de Brasília
Visit this advanced technology park, in the middle of South America, and consider establishing your business in one of the fastest growing economies in Brasil.