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Projects at the 8th North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum


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urban mass transit

Los Angeles Streetcar
Project Sponsor: City of Los Angeles
Stage: Permitting
Value: $282 million
Presenter: Shane Phillips, Project Director, Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc.

The Los Angeles Streetcar is planned as a 3.8-mile loop in the core of downtown LA, providing residents, businesses, and visitors with a first/last-mile connection to destinations throughout the community. The streetcar will be located at the hub of the regional light and heavy rail network, bringing door-to-door transit service to more of downtown, and allowing users to travel between downtown destinations car-free. It will connect numerous important districts in the area, including the Convention Center and Staples Center, Historic Broadway and the Theater District, Civic Center and Grand Park, and much more.

nMotion - Nashville Master Transportation Plan
Project Sponsor: Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority
Stage: Seeking Approval
Value: $5,970 million
Presenter: Stephen G. Bland, Chief Executive Officer, Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority & Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee

nMotion is a strategic master plan for the development of mass transit facilities and services in the Greater Nashville Region - a 10 County region in Middle Tennessee centered on the City of Nashville. The plan (adopted by the Boards of Directors of the Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Nashville is an ambitious 25-year plan projecting $6 billion in capital projects and a projected increase in transit ridership of over 400%. Major capital elements include commuter rail, light rail, expressway bus rapid transit, arterial bus rapid transit and related facility upgrades; as well as significant investments in intelligent transportation systems and mobility integration.

LA Metro P3 Program and Unsolicited Proposal Policy
Project Sponsor: LA Metro
Presenter: Nadine Lee, Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, LA Metro

Calgary LRT
Project Sponsor: Calgary Transit
Presenter: Nicolas Theberge, Senior Vice President, Hatch



Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Widening
Project Sponsor: Alabama DOT
Stage: Final Environmental Impact Study and Funding plan
Value: 1.2-1.5 Billion
Presenter: Matthew Ericksen, P.E., Asst. Region Engineer, ALDOT

The Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Widening Project is currently in the NEPA process. A preferred alternative has been selected by the Alabama Department of Transportation and the environmental impacts of this alternative are currently being evaluated. Preliminary Design in order to determine the impacts as well as funding options are currently being evaluated.

Jefferson Parkway
Project Sponsor: Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority
Stage: Planning
Value: $259 million
Presenter: Bill Ray, Senior Policy Advisor, Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority

The Jefferson Parkway is the last unbuilt portion of the Denver metro beltway system. This 10.1 mile facility will connect to existing Interlocken Loop at State Highway 128 at its northern end and with State Highway 93 at its southern terminus. This project is envisioned as a P3 tolled facility; no Federal funds are involved. Currently 100% of the right of way is either in control of the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority or one of its three constituent members: City of Arvada, City and County of Broomfield, or Jefferson County. Preliminary permits for MPO designation, regional air quality, and CDOT system feasibility are secure. CDOT environmental clearance (1601 process) and other needed reviews are underway.

PEM 2034 - Baja California Master Transportation Plan
Presenter: Ing. Oscar Cortes Reyna, Coordinador Ejecutivo de Asuntos Binacionales, Federación Mexicana de Colegios de Ingenieros Civiles

Arlington Memorial Bridge Rehabilitation - Washington DC
Project Sponsor: National Capital Planning Commission
Stage: Funded and designing
Value: $250 million
Presenter: Charles Borders, RLA, PMP, Branch Chief, Transportation Division, National Park Service

Mountain Express Lane Project
Project Sponsor: Colorado DOT
Value: $400 million
Presenter: Nick Farber, HPTE Operations Manager, Colorado Department of Transportation

Central 70 P3 Project
Project Sponsor: Colorado DOT
Presenter: Tony DeVito, I-70 East Project Director, Colorado Department of Transportation

I-25N - Phase 4 – Denver to Ft. Collins
Project Sponsor: Colorado DOT
Value: $1,560 million

Route 7 Corridor, Virginia
Project Sponsor: Virginia DOT
Value: $265 million
Presenter: Nick Roper, Virginia DOT

Southern Nevada Highway Program: Interstate 11 Corridor, South Las Vegas Upgrade and Modernization
Project Sponsor: Nevada DOT
Stage: Approval
Value: $2,000 million
Presenter: Ryan Wheeler, Senior Project Manager, Nevada DOT

Mexico's SCT Pipeline of Highway Projects
Project Sponsor: Secretariat of Communications and Transportation
Presenter: Oscar Callejo Silva, Undersecretary of Infrastructure, Secretariat of Communications and Transportation



Augustin Plains Ranch Project
Project Sponsor: Augustin Plains Ranch
Stage: Hearing Phase
Value: $600 million
Presenter: Michel Jichlinski, Project Director, Augustin Plains Ranch & Principal, Ascendant Program Services, LLC

The Middle Rio Grande in New Mexico needs new water to protect its environmental resources and sustain economic growth. This state-of-the-art, $600M eco-friendly project will be unique, producing its own power for operation through hydropower and solar energy and create a new, sustainable and abundant source of water independent of compacts with other states. On Friday August 12, 2016 the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (OSE) has initiated the hearing phase by instructing APR to publish notice of its application for a permit to pump, reclaim, and then transport 54,000 acre-feet of water per year (AFY) from its location near Datil, New Mexico to those Rio Grande River communities that are most in need.

Illinois Waterway Lock & Dam OCA B via Alternative Finance Supporting Operations and Maintenance
Project Sponsor: US Army Corps of Engineers
Stage: Planning
Value: $613 Million
Presenter: Scott Sigman, Transportation and Export Infrastructure Lead

The Illinois Waterway passes through or is adjacent to 22 Counties, all in Illinois and has a significant $102.7 billion economic impact to the state and regional economy. Utilizing authorities passed by Congress in the Water Reform and Resources Development Act of 2014, the need to improve the aged infrastructure, some of which exceeds 90 years old, requires an innovative approach, since the purely federal resources for funding the assets' improvements has proven inadequate over recent decades. The movement of over 36 million tons of freight; and, cargo carriage through the locks by and on behalf of navigation operators; along with numerous other sectors that include irrigation, municipal or industrial water, also that for utilities; hydropower generation; recreation and environmentally beneficial land use; as well as regional property values, all support the economy based upon a robust lock and dam system. The system cannot be left to deteriorate, and must be maintained to a higher, but affordable practical standard, before there is any type of catastrophic failure, which in turn would lead to massive disruption to the local, regional, statewide and even national economy.

Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems
Project Sponsor: City of Denver
Stage: Design
Value: $298 million
Presenter: Jenn Hillhouse, Project Manager, Department of Public Works – Major Projects, City of Denver

Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems is taking a comprehensive approach to better protecting people and property against flooding while improving water quality, connectivity and enhancing public spaces. Four projects are part of the program and include: Globeville Landing Outfall and Park, 39th Ave Greenway, City Park Golf Course Detention, Park Hill Detention.

Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery & Storage Project
Project Sponsor: Cadiz Water Project + public Californian water suppliers
Stage: Awaiting Environmental Approval
Value: $250 million
Presenter: Scott Slater, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

The Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project is an innovative California water project that will create a new water supply for approximately 400,000 people by conserving renewable groundwater presently lost to evaporation at the base of a vast Mojave Desert watershed. The Project is a public–private partnership between Cadiz Inc., the largest private landowner in the area, and public water providers in Southern California. The Project facilities, including a wellfield on Cadiz property and a 43-mile water conveyance pipeline to be co-located within an active railroad right-of-way, have been designed to innovatively conserve an average of 50,000 acre-feet every year for 50 years and transport it to chronically water-short Southern California. All of this will be accomplished without causing a single adverse environmental impact and without disrupting any existing uses. Already approved under California's stringent environmental review process and upheld by California's courts, this smart, sustainable project is nearly "shovel-ready" and working towards final transportation arrangements for its conserved water as well as construction finance arrangements for the $250 million project.



Phoenix to Tucson Passenger Rail
Project Sponsor: Arizona DOT
Stage: Seeking Approval
Value: $6,300 million
Presenter: Carlos Lopez, Major Projects Group, Arizona Department of Transportation

Lone Star Rail
Project Sponsor: Lone Star Rail District
Value: $2,000 million
Presenter: Ross Milloy, Executive Director, Lone Star Rail

Howard Street Tunnel Double-Stack Clearance Project
Project Sponsor: Maryland DOT
Stage: Approval
Value: $425 million
Presenter: Brad Smith, Director, Office of Freight and Multimodal Transportation, MDOT

Regional Express Rail
Project Sponsor: Metrolinx & Infrastructure Ontario
Presenter: Derrick Toigo, Senior Vice President, Civil Infrastructure, Infrastructure Ontario


social and urban planning

University of California at Merced Expansion
Project Sponsor: University of California, Merced
Stage: Approval
Value: $1,142 million

Denver Convention Center Expansion
Project Sponsor: City of Denver
Value: $120 million



Denver Aerotropolis Project
Project Sponsor: Colorado DOT
Stage: Design
Value: $800 million

Denver International Airport - DEN Land Use Plan
Project Sponsor: Denver International Airport
Presenter: Darryl Jones, Chief Real Estate Officer, Denver International Airport

This multi-phased project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2016. The project is intended to provide a broad framework for development of the DEN real estate asset. This asset, over 17,000 developable acres, including Transit Oriented Developments at the 61st and Pena and Gateway Park rail stops, creates the opportunity to optimize the revenue potential of airport property and collaborate with our adjacent municipalities and property owners to assure efficient infrastructure investments and coordinated land uses, and stimulate regional economic development.



Plan Quinquenal - Pipeline Projects from 2015-2019
Project Sponsor: Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural
Presenter: Dr. David Madero, Director General, Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural