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Projects at the 9th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum


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Mexico City New International Airport
Subsector: Airports
Location: Mexico
Value: US $9.2 billion
Stage: Tender
Project Sponsor: Grupo Aeroportuario Ciudad de Mexico (GACM)
Project Presenter: Jose Luis Romo, Director of Planning and Srategy, GACM

Set in motion by President Enrique Pena Nieto in 2014, the New Mexico City International Airport will rise as an adjacent construction next to the existing Mexico City Juarez International Airport (MEX). Looking to ease Juarez's current overflow of passengers, the state-owned holding company GACM wants to quadruple its current capacity with the addition of six new runways, allowing for an increase of over 125 million passengers annually. Hoping to have the project completed by the end of 2020, President Nieto has claimed that the airport's construction would constitute one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Mexico. Currently in the process of preparing tenders for the project, GACM expects the two phases of the project to require a total investment of 169 billion Mexican pesos (9.2 billion USD).

New Terminal at Kyzylorda International Airport
Subsector: Airports
Value: $22 million
Location: Kazakhstan
Stage: Feasibility Study
Project Sponsor: PPP Advisory Center LLP
Project Presenter: Seidalin Dimash, Head of Projects, PPP Advisory Center, Kazakhstan

In conjunction with the Kazakh State Department of Transportation, the regional Kyzylorda administration plans on expanding its international airport (KZO) by breaking ground on an additional terminal. Hoping to increase its annual passenger and cargo capacities, both regionally and internationally, the Kyzylorda administration would look to build a two-storey terminal capable of supporting between 250 and 500 passengers per hour. They estimate that such a construction would require an overall investment of 7.75 billion Kazakhstani tenge (nearly 22 million US dollars). To facilitate such a project, the Public Private Partnership Advisory Center, a subsidiary of the Baiterek holding company, would provide development assistance for concession proposals, tender documentations, and concession agreement drafts, and ensure that a conclusion for the concession agreement is reached.

El Dorado II Airport
Subsector: Airports
Value: US$ 589 million
Location: Colombia
Stage: Construction to begin between 2016 -17
Project Sponsor: Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia
Project Presenter: Luis Cordoba, Subdirector General, Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia

Colombia's Department of Aviation has determined that Bogota's air travel needs require a large-scale reconfiguration of how the city currently addresses them. As such, the Colombian government is not only expanding the existing El Dorado Airport (BOG), but is also planning on repurposing a current air force base into a complementary commercial airport. El Dorado II, as it has been called, would be built on a 1,350 hectare-sized area located 30 minutes away from BOG, between the municipalities of Facatativa and Madrid, and hopes to be operational by 2021.

Belgrade Airport Privatization & Cargo Facility Project
Subsector: Airports
Value: US$ 500 million
Location: Serbia
Stage: Procurement
Project Presenter: The Honorable Ambassador Djerdj Matkovic, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic declared in January that privatization of Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport might take place by the end of 2016 for the price of EUR 500 million. There are plans to expand the airport's capacity to serve 7.5 million passengers each year. Starting on June 1, after a 24-year break, Air Serbia will start flying to New York five times per week. In a memorandum signed with International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Serbian government stated it will consider the possibility of allowing a long-term concession.




Reykjavik Geothermal - Up to 4.5GW in Geothermal Energy by 2030
Subsector: Energy Generation - Geothermal
Location: Mexico
Stage: Feasibility
Project Sponsor: Reykjavik Geothermal & ENGIE
Project Presenter: Chris McCormick, Director - Strategy and Project Finance, Reykjavik Geothermal

ENGIE, the French utility, through its wholly owned subsidiary Storengy and Reykjavik Geothermal, the Icelandic geothermal development company, will jointly study the development of geothermal projects in Mexico. Both partners currently have initial projects in development in the Mexican energy market. Currently ENGIE operates 300MW of electricity generation and 1000km of natural gas pipelines, and Reykjavik Geothermal is developing the 500MW Ceboruco Geothermal plant expected to begin operations in 2018.

Today, geothermal energy represents 823 MW, or 1.3% of the country's installed electrical capacity, but only 6.5% of total estimated geothermal potential (13.4 GW). The country projects it could utilize its high temperature resource potential to reach 4.5 GW in 2030.

Tulu-Moye Geothermal Project
Subsector: Energy Generation - Geothermal
Location: Ethiopia
Value: $1,314 million
Stage: Feasibility Study
Project Sponsor: Reykjavik Geothermal and African Union Commission - Department of Infrastructure and Energy
Project Presenter: Magnus Asbjornsson, Co-Founder / Managing Director, Reykjavik Geothermal

The African Union Commission (AUC), through it's Department of Infrastructure and Energy, and Reykjavik Geothermal signed a Grant Contract for financial support - totaling USD $1.3m to conduct surface study activities at the Reykjavík Geothermal owned Tulu-Moye geothermal prospect located in Ethiopia.

Khalladi Wind Farm
Subsector: Energy Generation - Wind
Location: Morocco
Value: €163 million
Stage: Signed
Project Sponsor: EBRD, BMCE
Project Presenter: Tom Teerlynck, Business Development Director Morroco & Turkey ACWA Power

Morocco has adopted a renewable energy law that allows for the sale of electricity directly to customers connected to both the country's high- and medium-voltage grids. While it has done so in order to reach its wind capacity target of 2,000 MW by 2020, Morocco has not only managed to reduce its expected future carbon footprint by over 200,000 tonnes annually, but has also attracted much positive attention from industrialist firms. As such, it comes as no surprise that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is partnering with Morocco's largest commercial bank, BMCE, to provide a €126 million financing package to UPC Renewables SA for the construction of the Khalladi Wind Farm. Located near Tangiers, the private-to-private project will be completed by Q4 2016, generating energy at a capacity of 120 MW by means of 40-60 Vestas turbines.

150 MW Renewable Energy Tender
Subsector: Energy Generation - Wind
Location: El Salvador
Value: $300 million
Stage: Tender
Project Sponsor: Delsur, PROESA
Project Presenter: Ricardo Artigas, Senior Investment Advisor, Proesa

Expecting to attract an aggregate of 300 million USD in foreign investment over the next two years, El Salvador's leading energy supplier Delsur will begin to auction off over 150 MW of combined wind and photovoltaic (PV) energy supplies on May 5, 2016. Continuing until September 7th, 2016, the tender will award successful bidders 20-year power purchase agreements (PPA's) with local distribution companies for their projects, which total 100 MW and 50 MW of solar and wind power generation, respectively. Per the tender's terms, chosen power plants must commence operations no later than February 2019 if they are wind, or, if they are PV, February 2020.

Benin Power Projects - Distribution, Off-Grid & Generation
Subsector: Energy generation, distribution, policy
Location: Benin
Value: $375 million
Stage: Approved
Project Sponsor: MCC, Government of Benin
Project Presenter: Jason Bauer, Director, Finance, Investment and Trade, Millennium Challenge Corporation

The Distribution project will build a national distribution control center and modernize the grid in Cotonou, Benin's largest city, and selected regional urban areas. This investment will upgrade Benin's electricity distribution infrastructure to reduce losses, improve system reliability and reduce outages, and expand network capacity to accommodate rapidly growing demand.The Generation project will increase Benin's domestic generation capacity by up to 78 megawatts (MW) through investments in solar (MCC's largest to date at 45MW), thermal (rehabilitation of 32 MW) and hydro generation (rehabilitation of 1 MW run of river unit). These investments are expected to dramatically increase the amount of installed capacity in Benin—equivalent to one-third of the country's current peak demand—while helping the country reduce its reliability on energy imports. The compact will also include MCC's largest off-grid electrification effort to date and will support policy reforms as well as infrastructure financing. With this investment, the gap in access to power for two thirds of Benin's population will be addressed through project financing for renewable energy solutions for the poor.

Kirikkale CCGT IPP
Subsector: Gas-Fueled Electricity Generation
Location: Turkey
Value: $1,066 million
Stage: Under Construction
Project Sponsor: ACWA, EBRD
Project Presenter: Tom Teerlynck, Business Development Director Morocco and Turkey, ACWA

Their first foray into the merchant energy market, ACWA Power, in conjunction with subsidiary NOMAC Turkey, is in the process of constructing an independent 950 MW combined-cycle gas turbine power plant. The project's financing totals over 500 million USD in syndicated loans from the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), including contributions from Banque Saudi Fransi, Korea Development Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank. Drawing circulation water from the Kizilirmak River and connecting to Turkey's electrical grid via a 380 kV line, the plant will feature two GT26 gas turbines and one steam turbine built on an 18.5 hectare-sized plot 60 km east of Ankara. Slated to become operational in Q2 2017, the plant will operate at a net energy generating efficiency of 59%, not only producing 7,557 GWh, but also offsetting 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions, annually.

240 MW Cogeneration Powerplant
Subsector: Combined Heat and Power Production
Location: Brazil
Value: $300 million
Project Sponsor: State of Rio Grande do Sul
Project Presenter: Fabio de Oliveira Branco, Secretary of State, State of Rio Grande do Sul


Rail: Urban Mass Transit, Freight & Regional

Crossrail UK
Subsector: Urban Mass Transit
Location: United Kingdom
Value: $20 billion
Project Sponsor: Crossrail Ltd.
Project Presenter: Robert Stockwell, Programme Controls, Crossrail Ltd.

Crossrail is among the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK. From improving journey times across London, to easing congestion and offering better connections, Crossrail will provide easier, quicker and more direct travel opportunities across the capital.The new railway will be a high frequency, high capacity service linking 40 stations between Reading and Heathrow in the west, to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east via 21 km of new twin-bore tunnels under central London and Docklands. It will bring an additional 1.5 million people within 45 minutes commuting distance of London's key business districts. Around 200 million passengers will travel on Crossrail each year and the route will provide a 10% increase to rail capacity in central London. It will enable more direct journeys and better interchanges. Crossrail will make travelling in the capital easier and quicker and will reduce crowding on London's transport network, operating with main line size trains carrying more than 1,500 passengers in each train during peak periods. Our trains will be 200 metres - that's almost twice as long as a London Underground train - creating a more comfortable passenger experience.

No. 7 Subway Line Extension
Subsector: Transport, Tunnels and Railways
Location: New York
Value: $2.4 billion
Stage: Completed
Project Sponsor: MTA
Project Presenter: John Paolin, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Hill International

The No. 7 Subway Line Extension project will help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) accommodate burgeoning development—and an expected surge in commuter demand—on the far West Side of Manhattan. The subway line extension is complemented by an underground station that will accommodate up to 25,000 people during a peak hour.

Marabda-Kartsakhi Railway
Subsector: Transport - Rail
Location: Georgia
Value: US $1.1 million
Stage: Under Construction
Project Sponsor: Marabda-Kartsakhi Railway LLC
Project Presenter: Levan Kankava, Deputy CEO, Marabda-Kartsakhi Railway LLC

Opening up a new path in the Silk Road, this project consists of the 254 km of railway track that connect the Georgian city of Marabda with that of Kartsakhi for a total capacity of 1 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo transfers per year. The project is part of the larger Baku-Tbilsi-Kars international railway project which connects Azerbaijan and Georgia with Turkey, and increases capacity for connection to Europe. Opportunities for integration of the project into the Georgian economy - including upgrades to rail stations - will be highlighted at the Forum.

Accra Light Rail Transit System
Subsector: Urban Mass Transit
Location: Ghana
Value: $ 2,750 million
Stage: Pre-Feasibility Study
Project Sponsor: Chesterfield Faring Ltd. (CFL)
Project Presenter: Lawrence J. Selevan, Chief Executive Officer, Chesterfield Faring Ltd

New York investment bank Chesterfield Faring Ltd. (CFL) has been appointed by Minister Pelpuo to devise a Request for Proposal (RFP) to build an elevated light rail mass transit commuter system connecting a newly developed trade zone and TOD (Transit Oriented Development) to the Accra Airport plus a connecting bullet train from Accra to Kumasi that will allow traffic to arrive from Accra to Kumasi line in less than 1.4 hours from station to station.

Brooklyn-Queens Connector
Subsector: Urban Mass Transit
Location: United States
Project Sponsor: New York City Economic Development Corporation
Project Presenter: David Hopkins, Senior Director of Aviation, Ports & Transportation, New York City Economic Development Corporation

The Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX) is a proposed Urban Light Rail system in New York City. The 16 mile corridor would link waterfront neighborhoods in both boroughs that are currently underserved by transit options. Over 400,000 people live in the corridor and almost 300,000 jobs are located there as well. But there is poor north/south transit access and several of the neighborhoods lack direct access to the MTA subway system. Emerging residential and employment centers are located throughout the corridor and many of these areas are experiencing significant growth. The streetcar/light rail system would be delivered through financing mechanisms that seek to capture a percentage of the increased real estate value along the corridor. It will be constructed by a franchisee and is likely to offer possibilities for design/build/finance/operate/maintain project delivery.



Chicagoland Underflow Plan McCook Reservoir
Subsector: Water & Wastewater - Combined Storm and Sanitary Sewer Water Overflow
Location: Illinois, USA
Value: $670 Million
Stage: Authorized for Construction
Project Sponsor: US Army Corps of Engineers
Project Presenter: Kevin J. Lovell, PMP LTC, Deputy Commander, US Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District

The Chicago District of the US Army Corps of Engineers looks to alter the Chicagoland Underflow Project (CUP) McCook Reservoir by constructing a new 20-foot diameter tunnel. Stretching from the Des Plaines 33-foot diameter Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP) tunnel southern terminus straight to the reservoir, the tunnel would be 5,350 feet long and include isolation gates. The direct tunnel connection would allow for the reservoir to fill up with more water via gravity flow. Estimated to be worth $670 million, the project hopes to augment Chicago's ability to combat flooding by expanding the reservoir's capacity.

Desalination Plant Ensenada - PPP
Subsector: Water & Wastewater
Value: $48 million
Stage: Under Construction
Project Sponsor: North American Development Bank
Project Presenter: Jose Bernardo Salas Cuesta, Senior Project Consultant,NADB

Increase access to sustainable drinking water service through the construction and operation of a 250 lps desalination plant.

Desalination Plant Rosarito - PPP
Subsector: Water & Wastewater
Value: $200 Million
Stage: Construction to begin in 2016
Project Sponsor: North American Development Bank
Project Presenter: Jose Bernardo Salas Cuesta, Senior Project Consultant,NADB

Increase access to sustainable drinking water service through the construction and operation of a 220 lps desalination plant.


Ports & logistics

Anaklia New Deep Water Black Sea Port
Subsector: Ports and Logistics
Location: Anaklia, Georgia
Value: US $2.5 Billion
Stage: Contract Awarded
Project Sponsor: Conti Group, TBC & Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
Project Presenter: TBD

A result of China's new "Silk Road" strategy, more and more shipping companies have shifted their businesses to the Black Sea- indeed, cargo demand increased by 12% between 2012 and 2013. However, Georgia lacked the deep-sea ports and logistics infrastructure necessary to accommodate larger container ships, effectively barring it off from economic opportunity in its backyard. The Anaklia deep-sea port looks to change this with a facility featuring a 1,800 meter-long berth, a minimum depth of 15 meters, and 100 hectares worth of reclaimed land with modern utilities. Further integrating east and west, this would allow Georgia to benefit from the expected 1.4 million TEU expected to cross its path by 2030.

LAPSSET Corridor
Subsector: Ports, Highways, Railways, Airports and Energy Pipelines
Location: Kenya,
Value: $24 billion planned over lifetime of corridor development
Stage: Various
Project Sponsor: LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority
Project Presenter: Silvester Kasuku, MBS CMILT, Director General & CEO, LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority

LAPSSET is a regionally transformative plan to facilitate Kenya's growth, and includes Ethiopia, Tanzania and eventually a cross-continent connection to the Atlantic Ocean. The project includes seven components: a major port, highway, railway and three airports will enhance trade and transportation, while oil pipelines and refineries will increase Kenya's exports and power supply. Finally, three resort cities will grow Kenya's tourism industry.

Seine - Nord Europe Canal
Subsector: Canal
Location: France and Belgium
Value: Part of a 20 billion euro investment plan
Stage: Under construction (to be completed by 2025)
Project Sponsor: French Navigation Authority
Project Presenter: Nicolas Bour, Head of Waterways, Voies Navegables de France

Identified as part of the EU's larger 20 billion euro infrastructure investment program for 2014-2020, the Canal Seine-Nord Europe will further integrate Dutch, Belgian, and French markets by connecting inland urban centers with six strategic seaports. Measuring 107 km long, 54 m wide, and 4.5 m deep, the canal will accommodate vessels of up to 4,400 tonnes capacity, providing an attractive alternative to shipping freight over rail or highway. The project's execution, which is scheduled over the next 12 years, will be managed by a partnership between engineering and construction consulting firms setec and RoyalHaskoningDHV.

Port of Rio Grande do Sul
Subsector: Ports
Location: Brazil
Value: $400 million
Project Sponsor: State of Rio Grande do Sul
Project Presenter: Fabio de Oliveira Branco, Secretary of State, State of Rio Grande do Sul

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced a plan to invest $26 billion into modernizing Brazil's ports. The plan would use some government money with the condition that it be sided by private money in PPPs. Many of Brazil's 34 major ports are already at capacity – the rest are expected to be saturated within five years. None are prepared to handle the quadrupled port traffic expected by 2030. The government's announcement highlighted 21 ports in four regions of the country that would receive investments, mostly between 2014 and 2017. The government also plans to build two entirely new large ports, including a new seaport in Manaus on the Amazon River and a deep-water port for the oil-rich Espirito Santo.

Deep Sea Port in Calabar
Subsector: Ports
Location: Nigeria
Value: $550 mil
Stage: Procurement
Project Sponsor: Cross River State Government
Project Presenter: Engr. Dane Osim-Asu, Honorable Commissioner for Works, Cross River State Government

A consortium, Broad Spectrum Industrial Services, has raised 500 million Euros for the financing of the proposed Calabar Deep Seaport in south-eastern Nigeria. The project will be financed through a PPP structure requiring a 25% guarantee on the total amount from the state government. The port location is Ikang, near Bakassi, and its 10 meter deep minimum draught is intended to respond to the growing demand for commercial transport in South Eastern Nigeria. This port will be particularly strategic for the country's oil and gas industry.


Highway, Bridges & Tunnels

Transform I-66
Subsector: Highways
Location: Virginia, USA
Value: $400 million to $600 million
Stage: Project Development Phase
Project Sponsor: VDOT and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT)
Project Presenter: Morteza Farajian, Ph.D., Program Manager, Virginia Office of Public-Private Partnerships

Work is underway to transform Northern Virginia's Interstate 66 into a multi-modal corridor that moves traffic quicker. VDOT and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) are actively evaluating improvements that would provide added capacity, and new options with more predictable travel times. Under the proposed plan, I-66 would be improved to provide: three regular lanes in each direction, two express lanes in each direction, high-frequency bus service with predictable travel times, direct access between the express lanes and new or expanded commuter lots. Construction is to begin in 2017.

SCT Upcoming Highways Project (52 new private highways)
Subsector: Transport - Highways
Location: Mexico
Value: $12.3 billion
Stage: 1 Tendering, 4 to begin construction, 30 Under construction, 27 In Operation
Project Sponsor: SCT
Project Presenter: Omar del Valle Colosio, Director General of Projects, SCT

Mexico's transport and communications ministry (SCT) is developing 52 highway projects, worth US$12.3bn, to be completed by 2018. The new highways will comprise a total of more than 3,200 new Km of roads.

Almaty Ring Road
Subsector: Transport - Highways
Location: Kazakhstan
Value: $680 million
Stage: Procurement
Project Sponsor: PPP Advisory Center LLP
Project Presenter: Seidalin Dimash, Head of Projects, PPP Advisory Center, Kazakhstan

The project involves the development of a 66 km road around Almaty under a 20 year long build, operate and transfer (BTO) contract. The total project investment is estimated at US$680 million. The EBRD, ADB and IFC are analyzing to provide about US$650 million in financing for the project. Financial close is expected to be achieved by mid 2016.

Bypass Shymkent Ring Road
Subsector: Transport - Highways
Location: Kazakhstan
Value: $35 million
Stage: Revision
Project Sponsor: PPP Advisory Center LLP
Project Presenter: Seidalin Dimash, Head of Projects, PPP Advisory Center, Kazakhstan

The project involves the development of a 48 km road to bypass Shymkent. The total project investment is estimated at US$35 million.

Northern Triangle - Regional Roads
Subsector: Mass Transit
Location: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Value: $1 billion
Stage: Approved
Project Sponsor: MCC
Project Presenter: James Hallmark, Director, Finance, Investment and Trade,Millennium Challenge Corporation

MCC's compact to improve the coverage and quality of multi-modal transport infrastructure (roads, ports, airports and railways), focusing on projects that strengthen regional integration in the so called Northern Triangle, i.e. Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These infrastructure investments will center on nine logistics corridors, which are the following:The Pacific Corridor that joins Mexico to Central America via the region's west coast; The Bi-Oceanic Corridor between Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala City and Puerto Barrios/Santo Tomás de Castilla; The Acajutla - San Salvador – San Pedro Sula – Puerto Cortés Corridor; The San Salvador branch to the Bi-Oceanic Corridor; The Corridor running through Puerto Quetzal – Guatemala City – San Pedro Sula; The Corridor running through Puerto Acajutla – San Salvador – Tegucigalpa; The Atlantic Corridor between Managua, Tegucigalpa and Puerto Cortés; The Atlantic Corridor between Belize and the Bi-Oceanic Corridor. The Agricultural Corridor between Tegucigalpa-Juticalpa-Puerto Castilla.

Sao Paulo Highway Investment Portfolio
Subsector: Mass Transit
Location: Brazil
Value: $480 mil
Stage: Procurement
Project Sponsor: State of Sao Paulo
Project Presenter: Karla Bertocco Trindade, Under-Secretary of Partnerships and Innovation, Government of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo State government requested the Inter-American Development Bank's support to improve the road system and its integration with other transport modes. In order to do this, a rehabilitation and expansion of the capacity of approximately 1,600 km of roads will take place. This operation constitutes Phase II of the road investment program of the State of Sao Paulo (PIRSP by its Portuguese initials), that will need a total funding of US$S480,135,000 and will be implemented under a multiple works modality. This program requires funding for US$ S2,058.600. The Bank will be financing 70% of it (US$ 1,440,500) and local counterpart will finance the remaining 30% (US$ S681,100).



The Pointe at Sayreville
Subsector: Commercial Real Estate
Location: New Jersey

The Pointe at Sayreville is situated in the heart of the New York Metro market on over 400 acres of waterfront land with 25 lanes of traffic directing over 400,000 vehicles per day through the site. It has exceptional access for consumers and residents with its own exit off of the Garden State Parkway (Exit 125) and 12 on/off ramps from the Garden State Parkway, Route 9 and Route 35 providing direct access to the site. The Pointe will serve as the most significant waterfront retail, entertainment experience available anywhere in the Northeastern United States.

Morocco Industrial Zone Development
Subsector: Development Initiative
Location: Morocco
Status: Feasibility Study
Project Sponsor: MCC

The Government of Morocco, in partnership with the Millennium Challenge Corporation, is developing a second compact in Morocco toward the shared objective of poverty reduction through economic growth. The Program addresses two key binding constraints, education quality and land productivity, with an approach and methodology that incorporates the core issues of government and publicprivate coordination. The Program directly addresses the root causes of these binding constraints, which are: (i) secondary education and workforce development systems that produce a supply of workers that do not adequately meet private sector skills demand; and (ii) land policy and implementation that inhibit access to and productive uses of rural and industrial land, thus diminishing investment and the consequent demand for labor.