Whether it be keen insights on specific projects or expert analysis on infrastructure industry segments as a whole, CG/LA produces intelligence rooted in decades of experience and an intimate professional network that spans from owners to high level public officials.
The CG/LA team has cultivated a unique access & strong reputation among the key drivers of the infrastructure landscape. Our goal is to share and expand the knowledge that pushes our built infrastructure to be smarter, more resilient, and beneficial to the communities it serves.

Interview with Norman F. Anderson

As Chairman & CEO, Norman F. Anderson focuses on infrastructure project creation, aimed at increasing the level of infrastructure investment, and the performance of existing infrastructure stocks, in developed and developing countries alike.

He leads the CG/LA team that develops infrastructure projects globally; and provides high level strategy assessment for the public (cities, states, countries, MDB’s) and private (finance, E&C, equipment/technology) sectors. Among other positions he is a visiting professor in the Politecnico de Madrid, a regular contributor to AmericaEconomia, and the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Sustainable Construction. He is also an Advisory Board Member of The Center for Transformation and Strategic Initiatives (London/Washington).

Mr. Anderson began his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, serving for a total of five years — including the last two as a grantee of the Inter-American Foundation. He has a graduate degree from Harvard University, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia. He is married to Ingrid Sckell – they have two children, Norman Gabriel and Janina Victoria. He speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani.