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Featured Interns

Featured Interns

Here are some of the incredible students that help CG/LA employees achieve remarkable advancements in the global infrastructure community. They're instrumental to the success of our mission.


ValentinaValentina Villeda

American University '15

Major: International Economics

What do you find most interesting about infrastructure?
Many people take for granted how having good roads, ports and airports make a country run efficiently, which is why implementing new infrastructure projects is so important. What I mostly find interesting about infrastructure is the fact that it can completely change the productivity of a country. Working with the Latin America group at CG/LA, I am seeing how governments in developing countries are investing in infrastructure. They do this because they want to make their countries grow. When countries invest in infrastructure, they are investing in the future of their country. More jobs are created, investment is coming into the country, business opportunities grow and people have more alternatives and opportunities to mobilize without major problems. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.