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For 25 years CG/LA has elevated infrastructure leaders around the world. CG/LA knows that infrastructure covers more than highways and water. That’s why we connect local and federal governments with companies that collectively serve or finance every sector of the industry. Whether it be our advisory meetings or global forums, CG/LA unites infrastructure leaders from around the world. Learn more about the state of your infrastructure with our featured leadership interviews.

Bryn Fosburgh


'Jennifer Schmitz on Smart Cities' Jennifer Schmitz, Managing Director, Lattice Industries on data and the future of Smart Cities.

Bryn Fosburgh

Rich Davey

"Reimagining Public Transportation - Innovation & Opportunities". We sat down with Boston Consulting Group’s Rich Davey and talked private investment’s role in public transportation. Learn more about the cities who did it right and what the future of public transportation looks like.

John L Rinard

John L. Rinard

"John Rinard: Thoughts From a Mater Builder". Interview with Director from Parsons. 

Bryn Fosburgh

Brian Ross

'Brian Ross: The Mind Behind Infra Shares' Brian Ross, Co-Founder, Infra Shares

Bryn Fosburgh

Bryn Fosburgh

'How technology will drive creativity and productivity in infrastructure' an interview with CG/LA friend, Bryn Fosburgh, Vice President of Trimble.


JP Giometti

"The Power of Transparency in Infrastructure - the Role of HCSS". Interview with JP Giometti, Executive Director, Global Strategy and Business Development, HCSS.

Leo J Hindery

CG/LA recently sat down with the the prestigious InterMedia founder and BluePrint Partner, Leo J. Hindery, about the National Infrastructure Bank in advance of his anticipated Washington Monthly article.

John Beck

Watch CG/LA CEO, Norman Anderson sit down with John Beck (Founder and Executive Chairman, Aecon Group Inc.) as they discuss current industry trends and how they're viewing and preparing for the future of infrastructure.

Honorable Amarjeet Sohi

Sohi served as the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities from 2012-2018. While Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Sohi oversaw the design and early implementation of a plan of more than $180 billion over 12 years – the largest infrastructure investment plan in Canada’s history. Watch his keynote address from the 11th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum.

doug balmer

Get to know ARUP's Douglas Balmer, and learn more about Montreal, the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, ARUP's newest projects, and infrastructure automation.