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The Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity in Infrastructure

September 5, 2016

Jeffrey Chua

Infrastructure represents one of the world's largest investment opportunities—developers are clamoring for projects and investors are eager to partner. Government leaders have the power to launch infrastructure initiatives that can spur economic activity and improve the lives of millions.

Take Senegal, for example. Poor road infrastructure and severe traffic congestion were costing Senegal nearly 5% of its annual GDP every year. The Dakar-Diamniadio Toll Road, which now links Dakar to surrounding cities, reduces commute time from more than two hours to less than 30 minutes, impacting more than two million Senegalese. In Australia, the construction of Sydney's Westlink M7 motorway sparked industrial activity. In 2005, more than two-thirds of the two million square meters of industrial land under development in Sydney was around the M7 corridor. The motorway has served as an anchor project in the government's plan to develop western Sydney into an industrial and employment hub...


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