2019 Strategic 50 U.S. Projects Report

2019 Strategic 50 U.S. Projects Report


Download the 3rd edition of the Strategic 50 U.S. Projects Report, a comprehensive index of over $290 billion in projects spanning 10 sectors and 28 states. The 2019 report includes $80B in water & wastewater opportunities, $44B in highways, bridges & tunnels, $40B in renewable energy generation, and $38B in rail projects.

The Strategic 50 process began six months ago. To identify the top 50 infrastructure projects in the U.S., we gathered nominations by engaging with project originators and the CG/LA network, and validated these nominations using input from industry leaders. These projects represent upcoming opportunities across all major sectors, and form the focus of the Blueprint 2025 initiative to double U.S. infrastructure investment by 2021.

To preview the report, download the free 2019 Strategic 50 U.S. Projects list.

Report length: 17 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: A Word From CG/LA Infrastructure CEO & Chairman
  2. 8 Ways of Investing Private Capital in the U.S. Infrastructure Marketplace
  3. Strategic 50 by the Numbers
  4. Mapped Project Benefits
  5. List of 50 Projects