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Strategic Membership

Sales price $100,000.00
Base price $100,000.00
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Strategic Membership, at an annual cost of $100,000 USD per year, represents the highest level of engagement and visibility , and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to world-class infrastructure development at the local, regional, global levels, including the opportunity to provide strategic guidance and advice on CG/LA Infrastructure’s key activities. Strategic Membership will be limited to an exclusive community of 30 global organizations and includes the below benefits:

  • Recognition as a Strategic Member with Platinum Level Event Sponsorship equivalent benefits at the Global Infrastructure Leadership Annual Forum plus an 2 additional Regional Infrastructure Leadership Forums.

  • Blueprint 2025 Membership including 1 complimentary registration at the Blueprint 2025 Infrastructure Leadership Forum.

  • “Project Developers Capacity Building Seminars” (new in 2019). Designed specifically to build capacity among Infrastructure Leadership Forum. Strategic Members will have the exclusive opportunity both participate and lead a session in the Seminar on a topic of their choice. Example session topics could include PPP negotiation and management, risk management, internet of things and robotics, talent management, etc.

  • VIP Priority Invitations (new in 2019) to CG/LA Infrastructure meetings and roundtables that will take place throughout the year in New York and Washington, Montreal and Ottawa, London, Geneva and key cites in Asia.

  • CG/LA “Strategic 100 Projects” CEO Advisory Board (new in 2019). The CG/LA Strategic 100 Project Lists, currently published annually and with versions focusing on the global, regional, and country specific project landscape, has been recognized as the definitive list of the top infrastructure project opportunites. Strategic Members will receive priority and complimentary access to all Strategic 100 Project Lists. Additionally, Strategic Members are invited to join the “Top 100 Projects C O Advisory Board” to provide input on the Top 100 methodology, screening, and selection, including previews of the lists prior to publication. 

  • CG/LA Project Steering Commitee (new in 2019). Leveraging CG/LA’s network of infrastructure experts across business, government, the multilateral development community, civil society, and academia, up to two topics will be explored in depth to advance the infrastructure development agenda. Strategic Members will be invited to join the Project Steering Committee to provide input on the project selecton, directon, and objectves.

  • Private Infrastructure Briefng (new in 2019). CG/LA Infrastructure will provide Strategic Members with a customized private briefing for their executives and employees on the current state of infrastructure development, based on the CG/LA Strategic 100 Project Lists evaluaton process and/or on CG/LA project topics.

  • GViP Membership with Curated Support (new in 2019). GViP is the most compretensive online professional network for infrastructure leaders. With more than 3000 members across 103 countries and over 2000 project profiles, segmented by sector, budget, location, and phase of development, Strategic Members will receive complimentary access to all of GViP’s features including personal curated support on specific project and expert network features.
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