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Driving the infrastructure market forward: We partner with project owners to identify the best resources and strategy necessary to build effective infrastructure, thus creating value for communities, governments, investors, and the private sector.

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Project Creation

We identify real project opportunities and bring the best resources together to make those projects happen. Through the Leadership Forum Series, we identify and assess more than 1000 early-stage projects annually. We foster and develop effective partnerships, which include engineering/construction firms, technology leaders, and creative funding entities to move projects forward. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Early-stage work in developing the longest natural gas pipeline in Latin America
  • Identification of a high IRR model using performance contracts to bring new investment to water utilities
  • Early-stage development of a visionary port and logistics projects in a southeast Asian country
  • Identification of a high volume series of investment opportunities throughout the U.S., bringing technology and financing to high value projects.

Project Intelligence

Countries tend to prioritize projects that are legacies of campaign promises, and need support in selecting their key, priority projects. Countries that are implementing new governments and leaders also need support to kickstart a successful infrastructure initiative. We've developed a methodology to identify priority projects, rank those projects, and bring the right local and international players together to make those projects happen.

By tracking the Strategic 100 projects around the globe, we provide the road map for your business development.

 CG/LA employs a system of three proprietary databases critical for identifying infrastructure business opportunities around the world.
  • We track and rank the Top 100 projects across four regions each year
  • We have a system of proprietary data bases to rank those projects, and
  • We have a platform through which we bring like successful projects and companies to the attention of owners trying to build similar projects

Strategic Advisory

We assist infrastructure project owners, including federal and municipal governments, to create effective and sustainable projects, particularly during this period of technology disruption and funding creativity. We also advise private sector clients on infrastructure strategy and prioritizing projects that build a sustainable business model in the United States and global markets. Previous projects include:

  • Providing the strategic vision to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on economic statecraft and infrastructure
  • Providing strategic advice to a large Brazilian water company, prior to their IPO on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Providing intelligence relating to the potential of the U.S. high speed rail market, which included identifying and connecting key decision makers, crafting strategic partnerships, and rigorous market analysis
  • Identifying the procurement procedures for Latin American countries and potential acquisition partners for a U.S.-based Fortune 500 firm.
  • Performing a market analysis on steel usage patterns in Latin America
  • Leading the development of a global water company
  • Leading the devleopment of a Leading U.S. O&M energy company 

General David Petraeus, Partner at KKR and member of CG/LA-developed National Infrastructure Performance Council, in conversation with CG/LA CEO Norman Anderson at the 11th North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum in Washington, DC.