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Infrastructure is a catalyst for progress and we believe that the right policies and projects create important opportunities for all. Our mission is to support the doubling of global infrastructure investment by 2020 and ensure that collectively, we receive the maximum benefit from that investment.

We aim to achieve this through:


Leadership Forums - Project centric - action oriented. Connect with top-tier executives and officials to drive business opportunities and best practices from across the globe.
  • Advisory - The right knowledge and right relationships that lead to success.
  • Market Intelligence - In an age of infinite knowledge, where do you start? We connect the dots that drive opportunities.


CG/LA Infrastructure creates long-term value in the world's infrastructure markets.  Infrastructure is the internal framework for a country, allowing its economy and its citizens to be productive and healthy.  CG/LA provides public and private sector organizations with services based on 25 years experience covering all infrastructure sectors in the developed and developing world.

Core services provided by CG/LA Infrastructure include the Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series, Advisory, Project Development, and Macroeconomic analysis based on proprietary tools.  Together these services form a dynamic package allowing stakeholders and decision makers to properly identify key market opportunities and challenges.

Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series:  In 2002, CG/LA founded the Leadership Forum Series, an infrastructure marketplace that now has three annual editions - The Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum;  the Latin American Infrastructure Leadership Forum; and the North America Infrastructure Leadership Forum.  The Leadership Forum provides a unique opportunity for project sponsors from the public and private sector to meet with decision makers from the finance, engineering, contracting, equipment, technology and services communities in an open infrastructure marketplace. 

Advisory: Assisting companies and countries achieve their goals, maximize opportunities, and mitigate risk drives our Advisory Practice. Previous projects include:

  • Providing strategic vision to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on economic statecraft and infrastructure
  • Market analysis on steel usage patterns in Latin America and its outlook through 2015
  • Providing intelligence relating to the potential of the U.S. high speed rail market which included identifying and connecting key decision makers, crafting strategic partnerships and rigorous market analysis
  • Identifying the procurement procedures for Latin American countries and potential acquisition partners for a U.S.-based Fortune 500 firm.

Project Development: We have a passion for making projects happen and can aid you all stages of the project development cycle, from strategic planning to market assessment and design implementation.  We work with strategic partners to identify and access public funds for feasibility studies and engage equity investors.

Intelligence, Rankings & Market Demand: Utilizing proprietary tools to provide high-level executives with a board room view of infrastructure trends in countries around the world, we provide timely intelligence to capture today’s opportunities. By tracking the Strategic 100 projects around the globe, we provide the road map for your business development.

 CG/LA employs a system of three proprietary databases critical for identifying infrastructure business opportunities around the world.

CG/LA Infrastructure Inc. is headquartered in Washington, D.C.